So Which Comes First? Iphone 5 or Iphone 6?

From the beginning  of iPhone, Apple broke the naming trend on the iPhone Series.  Everyone would have expected the next step from the first iPhone to be iPhone 2 as was the case with the Ipad series.  Apple instead opted to go with the newly designed iPhone 3G to align it with the 3G technology that was incorporated that year.  This naming decision was most likely for better marketability.

After the release of the 3G it stands to reason that Apple would have stayed with the technology based convention and waited for 4G technology to realease the next iPhone.  Apple did not take this approach and broke the trend when they released the Iphone 3GS.  This was the beginning of a new trend. Now iPhone will release an “S” model between each major overhaul.

The following year the iPhone 4 was released. The new phone was a complete overhaul of the 3GS with a higher resolution screen, better features and a fresh look.  Interestingly, Apple opted not too use the new 4G technology and went with a dual 3G antenna for the purposes of conserving battery life.

Apple Released the first predictable iPhone iteration with it’s debut of the iPhone 4S.  The 4S was the same design as the 4 with better processing power and the addition of “Siri”.  The new 4S was essentially the same as 4 but with a little bit more to offer, hence the “S” for speed.

There is one school of thought that since the next iPod will be the 6th generation, Apple will start a naming convention based on the generation and call the next phone the iPhone 6.  The other school of thought is that Apple will continue down the same path and call the next product the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 is the most likely Iteration to be released in 2012.  Looking at the history of iPod it is clear that apple tries to keep it simple.  The 3G trend change was most likely a marketing scheme to push the new 3G technology. Now that iPhone is established as one of the best smartphones on the market there should be no need for fancy marketing.  Apple will most likely switch to a logical progression. Expect to see iPhone 5 June or July of this year, the 5S the following year, and the 6 in two more years.

I believe the only logical thing that would keep apple from going to the more logical number 5 is pushback from wireless carriers to call it the “4G” instead to promote the newer 4G networks. Since the iPad 3 came with 4G antennas and iPhone is available on multiple wireless provider networks I don’t think this will be the case.

Unfortunately no tech company can seem to keep their naming in a successive progression so this is all just educated speculation. If Apple’s track history with their computer’s is any indication, they’ll blow all of our minds and call it the Power iPhone or something like that. Then again, There has already been so much free advertising for the iPhone 5.

We’d love to hear your opinions about the next iteration of the iPhone.  Is it iPhone 5, iPhone 6, or something else ?  Go ahead and leave your comments.  We will review and post any that we find interesting.

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