iPhone 5 Concept Video Seems very George Lucas Inspired

While Browsing the net for some iPhone tidbits I cam across this very nicely done iPhone 5 Concept Video which was uploaded August of last year. While some of the bits of this viral video are a very real possibility other pieces look like impossible creations from Star Wars.


The first thing you’ll notice in the video from Aatma Studio is the very thin form factor of the iPhone. While I certainly don’t mind having a thinner iPhone this concept portrays a very un-realistic size. Even if Apple could manage to make the iPhone as thin as this video depicts I don’t think they ever would. It would be too hard not to break a phone that thin and that would most certainly annoy the owners. The Size is really a small piece of this video however, The really good stuff is in the keyboard and holographic display parts.

The projection keyboard is a very sweet possibility for future iPhone releases. While the Laser projection Keyboard has been viable technology since IBM invented it in 1992 it has not gained much traction until recently with the release of a laser keyboard product by Celluon . Yep! This Technology already exists and you can buy it for $169.00 USD. Better yet, It’s bluetooth so you can use it with your iOS devices.

Since the projection technology already exist, it could be a very real possibility that a future iPhone would have it. I Don’t think the iPhone 5 will sport this awesome new feature but we may expect to see it on the iPhone 6. The only problem with this technology is the orientation the phone would have to be in. You can see very clearly from the Celluon site that a projection keyboard requires multiple angles and sensors that depend heavily on those angles with respect to the surface. In order to make this a convenient feature I think the iPhone would have to have a way of supporting itself in an upright position. Aside from that hurdle I think this concept could be done.

The difference between the technology that exists and the concept portrayed in the Aatma Studio video is the difference in projection. The Aatma Studio version shows a full color projection system. While I think it would be very nice to have, The logistics of it may make it harder to pull off. It is much more power efficient and technically simple to go with a laser rather than a full color projector. I’m not saying that it can’t be done, but  that’s a lot of technology to fit into a little bitty iPhone.  Looking at the size of the Celluon cube, it appears as though Apple Engineers would have their work cutout for them.  I also think you may see this feature on the iPad before the iPhone.

The last piece of the Aatma video depicts a holographic 2d projection display. While this feature would be super sweet, it is about as feasable as stopping  pure plasma at exactly 2 feet( I’m assuming a Lightsaber has about a two foot blade.). The problem with light is there is really no way to stop it. In other words, if you shine a beam of light in any direction it will continue to go on forever assuming it is not blocked by particles in the atmosphere. So unless the iPhone also emits a smokescreen to project onto, This one will continue to be a concept.

For those interested in some of the true breakthroughs in holographic displays check out the work done by University of Southern California here. Not quite the way George Lucas did it, but it’s pretty sweet anyway.


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