iPhone 5 Rumor Rally : New Maps, New Connector, 4 Inch Screen, and Fresh Look

With the WWDC quickly approaching it seems more iPhone Rumors are being spread. Last week a couple of new rumors started and some solid support for some older rumors surfaced. Here’s is the most recent Rumor Summary:

Google Maps swapped out for in-house maps application

Since the launch of the iPhone the maps application has always had a Google backend which is why it has been commonly referred to as “Google Maps”.  According to 9to5mac.com, apple looks to buck it’s dependence on Google for the maps application and take control of the backend. The Revision will include a revamp of the icon and a better user experience.  The new maps application will sport a 3d view which will be based on C3 Technologies 3d imaging originally developed from de-classified imaging algorithms from the defense and aerospace industry.  The Technology can create a 3d model representation very quickly.

iPhone 5 will have a smaller dock connector

Out of all of the Rumors out there the one thing that everyone seems to be agreeing on is that Apple will release the new iPhone with a smaller dock connector.  iMore reiterated that speculation in their recent article in a particularly factual wording which would indicate their sources are solid.  They also claim that Apple still has not finalized the iPhone 5 design and that the screen may or may not be any larger. They reinforce their claim that there will not be a change in the screen aspect ratio.

Plans for a 4 inch screen

In direct contradiction to iMore’s posting, iLounge claims the new iPhone will not have changes in width but will change the length of the phone to accommodate a 4 inch screen.  This change would create a wider screen aspect ratio. The interesting thing is that the iLounge article also presents the information in a factual context which would suggest to me they also have accurate sources.  To me this means one source is incorrect or their are multiple design concepts at Apple at play here.  I do believe it would be a good move for Apple to move to a 4 inch screen as it seems to be a topic of much discussion and the general consensus is that users want it. The wider aspect ratio does not make as much sense to me as this would require all of the existing apps on the iTunes marketplace to be updated for use on the new phone.

Fresh Look for iPhone 5

One piece of very encouraging information that was leaked from the Apple supply chain (sw-box.com) was the design of Earphone Jack/ Ear Speaker/ WIFI Cable For iPhone 5. The fact that Apple redesigned this component means they most likely made a change to the form factor of the phone.  Whether the form factor will change much remains to be seen.  One thing that I find a bit odd about this leak is the fact  that this part seems to be presented in a shopping cart format for the purposes of selling it.  I find it sort of hard to believe that sw-box.com would be selling parts for the iPhone 5 before it was released. Could this be a hoax to drum up more business for their site?

What do you think? Do any of these Rumors hold any ground?  Who’s right? iMore or iLounge?  We would love to hear your opinions and thoughts.


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