iOS 6: Features both Rumored and Needed

With WWDC just around the corner and the very likely chance that we will see some or all of iOS 6, I have compiled a list of features I have seen rumored and few others that I think are needed as well.

New UI that is Updated, Still Simple, but Different Overall

Out of all of the complaints I’ve been seeing on forums and comments it seems that people desperately want a new UI. The current UI of the iOS 5 is both iconic and easy to use but we’re all getting tired of looking at it. While I am generally a fan of the old adage “If it ain’t Broke don’t fix it” I am also a fan of design trends from this decade. Users are ready for a fresh look and I think it’s time Apple updates us to 2012. Current Rumors are suggesting a silver look will emerge with iOS 6 but having the new iOS with only a color change would be a huge let down.  The iPhone UI has not fundamentally changed since it’s introduction in 2007.

Facebook Photo Sharing

I was a bit confused when Apple opted to do twitter integration with iOS 5 instead of Facebook for photo sharing.  Almost everyone I know uses facebook for photo sharing and only a few select people actually even use Twitter. Given the massive appeal of Instagram and other photo sharing utilities I would image the rumors are all true on this.

New 3d Maps

The 3d Maps App replacement of Google Maps has been rumored for a long time now with some pretty good supporting evidence. This certainly would be a neat application but the practicality is kind lacking. The best reasons I can think of for this feature is scouting an area or checking out some real estate.

Maps to Go

While 3D maps would be sweet, I think this option would be much more useful. While storing tons of  Map data for the whole planet on the iPhone could be a problem for space. It would be nice to be able to save Maps of Locations you know you are going to be without cell phone service. The GPS chip can retrieve a longitude and Latitude without cell service but this information is useless without a map to match it with.


While every third party Maps Application seems to have turn by turn navigation now days Apple’s native map app does not. This definitely needs to be a feature of the new 3D Maps.

Do Not Disturb Similar to Airplane Mode

A newer rumor to emerge regarding iOS 6 is the introduction of the “Do Not Disturb” mode. This mode would be similar to the airplane mode except it would turn off notifications. A feature like this could be very handy while trying to play an intense round of Angry Birds.

Location Based Reminders that don’t Require a Contact

Location Based Reminders is a crazy awesome idea that lacks good usability. It would be fantastic if you can say “hey remind me to get milk at the grocery store” and it just happens. As of now location based reminders are lame. First your have to look up the address of the grocery store, add it to your contacts, and then choose it as a location. This is ridiculous!  It would be much better to search in maps, select location and choose to make a reminder for arrival. Location based reminders needs to have map integration to make it usable. no one want’s their contacts filled up with grocery stores and businesses.

Customizable Lock Screen

The date-time display on the lock screen is an obvious necessity but there’s so much more that can be shown.  I would personally like to see a customizable lock screen settings area that lets you add your own widgets to it. It would be nice to Have a constant stock ticker or daily weather right there on the home screen. The other added benefit for Apple is they can start selling developer made widgets.

Mark All and Delete All in Mailbox

This handicap of the mailbox on iPhone has been one I have been griping about for years. I hate the fact that I can’t select all items in my mail box and delete or archive. While this option is very much needed I don’t expect to see it in iOS 6. The fact that this feature was never in iOS blows my mind.

More Siri

There are literally hundred of things that Siri can do that it does not.  I don’t think apple necessarily needs to figure out how to do them all but I think they need to figure out a way to open up Siri so Developers can. Beyond the broadening of Siri capabilities Siri needs to be more robust and understand more. While I expect Apple to broaden Siri’s features and language recognition It remains to be seen whether or not Developers will share the fun too.

We would love to hear your thoughts regarding future iOS features you would like to see. Post em here and if their sound we’ll make sure their visible.


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