Microsoft Finally Presents Some Competition….but Only Some

While Few can deny that the Nokia Lumia 900 is the best Windows smart phone on the market there is still much question as to wether or not it is “the best” smartphone on the market across all platforms. Will the Nokia Lumia indeed be the flagship product that revives both Microsoft’s Mobile platform and Nokia’s Influence in cell phone markets or will it flop on it’s face and get lost in the wake of Google and Apple?

For those that don’t know about the Lumia I’ll give the skinny. The Lumia 900 has a good mix of power, screen size, and battery life. The design of the Lumia is one of the only designs I’ve seen come out of the industry that really seems to try and compete with the iPhone in design. That being said, the Lumia 900 is sexy and simplistic.  Compared to the iPhone 4S there are some let downs in power  and Screen Resolution. While the Lumia has a larger Screen, the Resolution is only 800 x 480 . The Lumia has only a single core processor with half the ram of the iPhone.  The most attractive piece of the Lumia is the $99 price point with a contract and the color selection. The price with color options could prove to be a hit for the youth.

Even though the Hardware for the Lumia is not too shabby, it is still not as good as the iPhone 4S. Horsepower is something Microsoft and Nokia needed in order to get people to adopt an unfamiliar OS.  Google and Apple have set the standard on phone operating systems and as it currently stands, people are not too willing to switch platforms for their comfort in knowing their existing platform.  While the WP7.5 is a very well done platform, it doesn’t offer enough benefits to change from anything users are used to.

While the Windows Phone platform has not changed from the initial release, there have been a few attempts at assimilating it into the markets. Microsoft has clearly spent a lot of time rethinking the mobile platform and listened to consumers by adding a clean and simple user interface.  If Microsoft had put out a clean usable OS like this in the beginning they would probably be a real contender in Today’s market. The challenge that Microsoft is facing doesn’t have as much to do with the quality of the platform but with the lacking hardware it has been released on.

Nokia and Microsoft have taken good steps toward offering a good product that can overcome these obstacles but it is still not quite enough. Yes the Lumia 900 is a pretty good phone, but these companies don’t need a good phone, they need a great phone. They need a phone that has more power and capabilities than the rest. People can learn a new OS if it’s on the best phone available. Most consumers won’t want to learn a new OS as well as choose a lower quality phone.  Microsoft needs to entice new users with Killer hardware and get them hooked on the OS and keep them hooked.


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