iPhone Rumors Compilation

During the first half of the year a bunch of rumors have piled up. Here is a quick review of some of the rumors we’ve seen:

The next generation iPhone will be iPhone 6 not iPhone 5.

while the next iPhone is in fact the 6th generation iPhone it seems as though Apple has established a fairly good pattern and most speculators seem to agree that the next iPhone will come with a 5.

Apple will use a Liquid Metal case

Liquid metal is a material process that allows the formation of a very hard metallic substances to take complicated forms much the same as plastics. while Apple has used Liquid metal for some of the smaller components it is unlikely that they will use Liquid Metal for the entire case for the next generation. I would not be surprised to see it incorporated into the iPhone 6 however.

 A 4 inch Screen?

Most of the big rumors mills seem to be agreeing on the fact that the next model will most likely have a 4 inch screen. I find this rumor very likely as there appears to be quite a bit of request from the Apple community for a larger screen. There have also been suggestions that iOS 6 has built in features that would facilitate different sized screens.

Time for some accessory upgrades, Apple’s changing the connector

As of this date, speculation seems unanimous that Apple will change to a smaller dock connector. Apple’s patents combined with presumably real leaked photos have a strong suggestion toward a smaller dock. I personally believe that is this rumor is true and the change may be to save real estate and add thunderbolt capability.  The connector may also have a Magsafe type connector which would be nice.

Thinner Design

If Apple’s ditching the larger dock connector for space, What they planning to do with it? Most sources agree that the next iPhone will be even thinner. Smaller chip sets and thinner touchscreens combined with the smaller dock connector could make this one viable.

 Quad core processor

While quad core speed would be awesome the battery life could struggle.  A fact that will probably keep Apple away from a Quad until more efficient chips become available. Apple will most likely opt for a dual core chip with a bit more speed.


Oh yeah! It will happen. While nothing is set in stone it just makes sense and most of the community seems to agree on it.

Wireless charging

While this rumor could go either way I personally feel like it will be left to a later model, perhaps the iPhone 6? Apple will probably go with this option when wireless transfer rates increase and they can go completely wireless.

 NFC included

With the inclusion of Passbook on iOS 6 and the recent release of an awarded patent there is some strong evidence for some Near Field Communication action. Pretty neat technology but to this point

Production already started!

Newer Rumors have leaked from Digitimes claiming iPhone production has already started in China. If this rumor is in fact true then it just might be possible to see a phone in August. Don’t hold your breath though, I’m still banking on an October iPhone 5  Release date.

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