Rumors: iPhone Released Early with a Quad Core Processor

While the Rumor mill has been relatively dry lately two newer rumors have emerged recently which are both unlikely in my opinion.

The first rumor is that the next iPhone will be released two months earlier than the previously estimated September-October time frame due to the release of the iPad mini. For those that don’t know , the iPad mini is rumored to be a smaller and more competitively priced iPad with fewer features.  According to the Wall Street Journal, the iPad mini will be manufactured in September with a probable release date of October. I don’t think the early release date holds much wind as Apple generally releases a group of products at the same time. My Guess is that you’ll see a new iPod, iPhone and the new iPad mini this October.

The Other Rumor is that Apple will adopt a quad core processor for their next iPhone. While this rumor makes sense due to  the fact that some of the other competitors  are going with a quad core option, I don’t believe Apple will go with it. The main reason I believe they will hold off is battery life. With the probable inclusion of a 4 inch screen and a 4G LTE chip the battery life will be dramatically effected if a quad core processor were to be added to the mix in addition. Apple has only used the dual core chip for the iPhone 4S and will probably use a bit faster dual core chip for the iPhone 5. With the transition between the 3G , the 3GS, and the 4, the processor speed only increased between 30% and 40% on a single core between each rev.  For this reason, I expect to see the dual core chip stick around until iPhone 6. iPhone 5 will most likely have a dual core processor with a 1.3Ghz to 1.4Ghz  speed. Apple will most likely wait for more power efficient chips to be released before they implement a quad core processor.

What are your thoughts? Would you sacrifice battery life for a bit more speed or wait til you can have both?

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