Small iPhone Dock Connector Could Have Thunderbolt

I have seen a lot of rumors and hype regarding the iPhone connector in the past few months and at this point it seems like it is very likely to happen. The unfortunate part of this is that all of your toys and goodies that previously worked with the same connector iPod has always used will no longer work. This means that you will most likely have to go get new items to work with your new iPhone or get an adapter of some sort to make everything  jive. Some folks seem shocked and amazed that Apple would even consider doing this, but I remember a time not too long ago where I had issues with my car stereo because iPhone no longer supported 12v charging. While I agree that the change will generate some good revenue for those who make those devices, I think the change is more of a functional change rather than a marketing ploy.

The obvious benefit to changing to a new style connector is the size is much smaller than the previous connector. Having all that extra space could make some room for some components that we really want. I for one would rather have a better data speed, processing speed, or battery life.  Most of the sources I have come across regarding the small dock connector only talk about the space saved and the devices you will need to upgrade. I have not seen much talk in terms of what the new features that the connector will make available. Since the new connector obviously won’t be compatible due to size, Apple has the freedom to add extra pins that were not previously available.

One of the more exciting possibilities is the inclusion of a Thunderbolt interface on the pin. With the introduction of the first iPod there used to be the option of having Fire wire. Fire Wire was a technology that was faster than USB at the time but for some reason it never seemed to catch on.  As a result of the lack of popularity, Apple dropped it in favor of USB only support. Now Apple has the new Thunderbolt technology which I believe is a replacement for Fire Wire. For those that have not heard of Thunderbolt I’ll give  a quick rundown.

Thunderbolt tech was a collaboration between Intel and Apple and was developed for exclusively Apple products. Fortunately the Thunderbolt is now available for PC’s.  The data transfer of Thunderbolt is double the transfer speed of USB 3.0 and is capable of daisy chaining high resolution displays and other devices without the use of a hub. Basically, Thunderbolt technology is very fast. You can go read more about it on Apple’s website here:

The benefit of having Thunderbolt is the data transfer speeds. With Thunderbolt, Syncing the iPhone to the music library and anything else on the computer will take no time at all. My prediction for the new dock connector is that it will have most of the capabilities of the existing dock connector with the addition of thunderbolt support. This means some of us will be able to go purchase a cable specifically made for the thunderbolt port. Apple may also provide an option at the time of purchase.

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