Fall Prediction: We’re All Gonna be Broke and Happy








As the rumored iPhone 5 release date approaches, I’m noticing a lot more hype surrounding all things Apple.  This fall three major things have been rumored which include an iPad mini,  iTV (if they can have the name), and obviously the  iPhone 5. While I’m not banking on the iTV to be released this fall, I think there is a good chance that the iPhone 5 and iPad mini will appear on shelves by Christmas of this year. So lets just review all of the rumored devices that have come about over the past year.


iPhone 5

Again, The Latest rumored Release date for the iPhone 5 is September 12th.  The rumors have been flying around this device for some time now and the agreeable rumors seem to be converging. Among the rumors out there, everyone seems to agree most on the following:

Smaller Dock Connector: While the agreement as to how many pins will be in the small dock connector or whether or not it will have magsafe tech, everyone seems to agree that it will in fact be smaller.

Thinner: Given Apples reputation, This is a no brainer. Leaked details of the new iPhone do show that the face plate is a little bit thinner. That seems to be the only hard(speculative) evidence supporting the prediction at this point.

Two Tone Back: Based on all of the images and mock ups I have seen on the various sites, it appears as though the new iPhone will have a two tone back plate that is made of two seperate materials. You can get a peak at it on 9to5mac.com here

 Taller Screen: While this was a topic of much debate in recent months, it appears as though face plate leaks have cause the rumors to all agree on the fact that the iPhone 5 will have close to a 4″ screen that is mostly taller.

iPad Mini

The iPad Mini has been talked about for several month now and has even been mentioned by the Wall Street Journal as a likely occurance. Basically the iPad Mini , if released, will most likely be a smaller version of the iPad 2 with a screen size of around 7 inches. The speculation is that Apple would like to capitalize on some of the markets that the Kindle Fire has been doing so well in. While I have mixed feelings as to whether or not this is a good move for Apple, I do like the prospects. Personally I have a Macbook and an iPhone. Together these handle most of my needs. I bought a Kindle Fire mostly because it was cheap and I thought it would be nice to have something for magazine subscriptions and books. While the Kindle has been pretty good for those things,  the screen resolution is less than desirable for viewing magazines. That being said, I would have probably bought an iPad mini if it were available.


While I haven’t seen a whole lot of rumors for the iTV surface, the premise is that it will be a TV built on iOS. For an iTV the sky is the limit in terms of what can be done. Personally I would like to see App development become available for both the iTV and the Apple TV.  Combining Retina Display with iOS and Cable  integration could be the best entertainment system created to date. Imagine asking Siri to record the next five episodes of Dexter for you.


As mentioned earlier, I think the iTV is pipe dream for the time being. I do think that Apple TV is a probe for gathering market research on the profitability. Since Apple is probing television, I’m sure they are thinking about an iTV.  That Being Said, it is a good possibility we will see the iPad mini released with the iPhone 5. If this happens, I for one will have a very depleted bank account. As usual, when my bank account is depleted on account of Apple products I almost never have buyers remorse. I have a feeling, a lot of other people will be spending some cash before Christmas as well.

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