This Month in Rumors: New insights on iPhone 5

As fall approaches the Rumors have been picking up the pace.  While most of these rumors are just repeats of the same old rumors, New Leaks suggest they may be true.

Larger Screen

This Video courteousy of MacRumors is the most detailed comparison of an alleged iPhone display leak. While it could be a fake, It does seem pretty convincing. In the video you will notice that the screen is not much wider but is taller.


New Dock Connector will be only 9 Pins

According to 9to5mac. com , iOS 6 beta has some convincing evidence of a 9 Pin dock connector.  This speculation ads to other speculation that all new iOS devices will be available with the 9 Pin dock connector.

Larger Battery is at it again, bringing a leaked battery that suggest the new iPhone will have more life for more power hungry devices. The new battery is 1440mAh Which is 10mAh more than the iPhone 4s. There is also a small bump in the voltage from 3.7V to 3.8V. If the new iPhone does indeed have a 4g LTE chip and a larger display. The battery life will probably  remain right about where it is today.

September 9th iPhone 5 Release Date

Saving the most exciting news for the end! is reporting that their sources have confirmed the September 12th release date for the iPhone 5. So , if you have any self control, I really wouldn’t recommend buying an iphone 4S just yet.

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