Apple Keynote Details

All eyes are on Apple today at 10 A.M. Pacific time as Apple will hold it’s secretive event in which most analyst are expecting an iPhone 5 debut.  At this point we have a good idea of what to expect at the Keynote. What is not known however is if we will see other rumored devices such as the iPad mini or the iTV. I will do my best to keep this blog up to date with the current happenings at the keynote as well as confirm or dispel rumors.

9.57 A.M. PT: Apple Event is ready to start and it’s apparent that the store is going to get some upgrades as the store has been offline for a while.

10:11 A.M. PT: Tim Cook is just throwing out stats about their success on all of their products we know about.

10:15 A.M. PT: iPhone 5 name official! Metal two-tone back confirmed! 18% thinner than iPhone 4s! 

10:17 A.M. PT: 4 inch screen! 1136 x 640 pixels.

10:22 A.M. PT: 4G LTE with dynamic antenna.

10:25 A.M. PT: A6 processor 2x faster with power and graphics.

10:33 A.M. PT: Ambiguous specs on battery life given which suggest an improvement dispite more horsepower. showing improvements to the camera most notable is the improvements in low light. Now added panorama mode.

10:37 A.M.PT: 1080P video, better face detection, improved video stabilization. three microphones.

10:40 A.M.PT:  Looks like the new 9-pin connector is confirmed.

10:45 A.M.PT: Scott Forstall going over things we already know about iOS 6.

10:52 A.M.PT: iPhone 5 available in white and black versions.

11:00 A.M. PT: Same pricing as the Iphone 4S. September 14th Pre Order Date! Shipping on the 21st of September.

11:12 A.M. PT: Discussion of the new iTunes. Kind of anti-climatic.

11:18 A.M. PT: Revamped Nano with touch display that looks a lot like the lumia 920.

11:25 A.M. PT: Lots of new upgrades to the iPOD touch.

11:38 A.M.PT: Looks like we get some new Headphones.

11:42 A.M. PT: That Appears to be the end of the Event. Foo Fighters called in to wrap things up.


After Thoughts

I like the new redesign of the phone although I wasn’t really surprised by any of the new changes. Most of the new features on the iPhone 5 were already seen by the rumor community which suggest that Apple no longer has a good lock on the secrecy of their devices.  I was hoping for a bit of a surprise whether that be wireless charging or better Siri integration. Overall the new iPhone is a good phone that is still cutting edge. It’s great to see some new headphones as well as the bigger screen though.

What are your thoughts? Love it Hate it? Let me know.




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  • Annoymous September 12, 2012, 1:39 pm

    I now hate apple. It always goes “little by little” features. Trying to make people upgrade so they can eat money. I think I phone 6 is being planned right now. They always have things ready but they dont tell you. They should’ve made the change earlier in one day. But if they dont they run out of ideas and stop making money.


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