Competitors Rolling Out New Products Coincidentally before Apple September Event

As The the Long awaited Apple Event  on September 12 approaches it seems as though competitors are all trying to beat Apple to the consumers.  Over that past week a number of high profile releases have been flooding with tech news. Amazon, Nokia, and Motorolla have all released products over the past week that may make some of the biggest Apple fans do a double take. Lets See how they stack up against current and rumored Apple Tech.

 Nokia’s 920 Windows 8 Smartphone

Comparing iPhone 4s to the  920 is a reasonably unfair battle in terms of hardware as the iphone 4S is now based on technology from a year ago. That being said, the new screen on the Lumia is bigger screen boasting very similar pixels per inch as the retina display.  The lumia camera features “pure view”  which is essentially good imagine stabilization which allows for longer exposure times and hence better low light photographs. An interesting choice on Nokia’s new flagship is wireless charging. For once I think Nokia has released a true competitor to the iPhone. I applaud Nokia for creating a much different phone than all of the other iPhone imitators. The vibrant colors is also a nice touch. I think this phone has taken the battle from hardware to Software or Windows 8 Vs. iOS 6. It will be interesting to see as to whether or not the iPhone 5 will outdo this phone.

Amazon’s Kindle…..Everything

Amazon had a big week with the introduction of a whole new line of Kindle products. Among these products, the most surprising is the Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ .

Amazon released the expected 7″ Kindle Fire HD which was a modest upgrade to the Kindle Fire, but the real interesting suprise was the introduction of an 8.9″ version. Looking at the specs for the new model, it looks like Amazon is directly taking on Apple tablet market share. The new tablet is thinner, lighter, equally powerful,  better sounding, and cheaper than the iPad. The drawbacks are that the iPad has the camera and the slightly larger more pixel dense screen. Features I’m not sure is worth $200 for most users. The big issue I have with the new tablet from Amazon is the software. While I haven’t played with the new version yet, it appears to be close to the same heavily modified and crippled version of Android on the kindle fire.

The new Kindle reader looked like a no brainer for anyone looking to upgrade their e-ink device. The new Paper white technology with an amazing 8 weeks battery life while using the back light looks amazing. The Best part is the price point at nearly a hundred bucks.

Motorola Droid Razr MAXX 

The new Razr is also jumping on the wireless charging band wagon. A fact that makes me wonder if the iPhone 5 will have it’s own wireless charging feature. Overall this phone is kind of a let down. This phone does not even compare to the Galaxy S III  in the slightest and the 4S still out performs it despite being a year old. The screen has fairly low resolution, and the horsepower is sort of lacking by todays standards. It’s probably best to pass this model up in favor some of the other much better  android phones on the market.


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