iOS 6: Available on iTunes

Those that are still waiting for the iPhone 5 can get a little piece of new product early. As of yesterday iOS 6 is available for download. So if you haven’t gotten to it yet, here’s what your missing……err not missing if you don’t have an iPhone 4.

At first glance iOS 6 looks just about the same as iOS 5, the only noticeable difference is that you will see a different maps icon and a passbook icon. The lock screen always has a slider that allows for quick access of the camera. Digging a little deeper I found some neat features and design changes as well as some major disappointments for an iPhone 4 user. As I am Currently using an iPhone 4 this article will showcase mostly available features for the iPhone 4.


I like that maps have been changed for iOS 6 but without an iPhone 4s or above this feature is basically crippled. No fly Over or turn by turn navigation is offered. In Addition to that , there are no longer bus routes or walking distances. If you are not planning on upgrading your iPhone 5 for a while I would just download the google maps app from the App store. There is a nice feature in the maps which allows you to list all items of a search query though. Update 9/21/2012 – Maps Actually does have walking and bus routes. Press the icon in the top left to get to it. 

iOS 6 Maps screenshot












Passbook looks like a pretty neat idea but it is also very heavily based on developers. In other words, ff developers haven’t created something than you can’t add it to your passbook. It would be nice to have a feature for adding custom additions. Fortunately there’s an App for that. I currently use Key Ring to store my loyalty cards and such.


No Surprise here, This does not work on iPhone 4. I wondered when Siri came out if it was neglected on iPhone 4 due to hardware performance issues. Now that iOS 6 is out it is apparent that this is Apple’s new business model. I only bring up Siri because there IS an alternative: Dragon Go! This App allows for Dictation with the caveat that it won’t talk back to you. I Know it can’t answer text and other things but it is still a top notch App.

Do Not Disturb

Hey! we found a feature that isn’t crippled. I like this feature as it is specially helpful for gaming. This feature which is found in the settings folder stops incoming alerts while enabled.

iPhone Screen Shot iOS 6 do not disturb mode












Nothing new here for iPhone 4 Users other than you can access it a little easier from the lock screen. Iphone 5 users will enjoy Panorama.


The new safari has a lot to offer especially for mac users. I like the cloud integration with my mac browser which allows me to keep reading something I saw there. There is now a nice full screen viewing mode that allows for a bit more screen real estate and I personally feel like the speed is a little bit faster and responsive.

iOS 6 Safari Screenshot on iPhone 4 in Fullscreen








Facebook Integration

Now Facebook is allowed to play with iPhone. I’m not sure why this didn’t happen with iOS 5 but I’m glad it’s here now. On the topic of sharing, the menus for sharing have changed a bit too which allows for printing and it generally looks a bit different.

Numerous Design Tweaks

the Music player, Phone,mail, and Reminders have received a little bit of minor design changes. While the functionality hasn’t changed much it does look nice. The color has changed for some of the standard menu systems as well.

iOS 6 Screen Shot of Music











Store Updates

Whether your looking for E-books, Music, or Apps your experience will be different. The new Store design is simplistic and easy to use. No complaints here.

iOS 6 Store Format












Mail now has a couple of features that are pretty neat. One feature called the VIP list is for creating of email contacts that are more important than others. Most of us will probably put our boss in this list.

Mail now handles inserting images. I’m not sure how much I will actually us it but it is nice to have.

That’s about it for the major updates. I may update this article here in there with more features that I stumble upon in the future. This round, the software limitations don’t bother me too much as I plan to upgrade to an iPhone 5 anyway. I will begin to get very annoyed if Apple starts limiting software features every year as my contract length is bi-annually. Time will tell though.

I’m interested to know what you think of the new updates? Good or Bad.

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