iPhone 5: First Impressions

This morning I was up bright and early at the AT&T store awaiting my brand new iPhone 5 and boy am I happy did! One thing you can’t get from the Apple website is how it feels in your hands. This phone is amazingly light and it feels good to hold.

I like the fact that it is so light because the drop force will be less if (knock on wood) you drop it. I absolutely Love the new design and the material choice for the back. It also appears as though the left handed cellular reception problem has been fixed. This Year I opted for the white version, I’m not yet sure whether or not I will like it more but I am hoping it will show scratches less.

The performance seems like a night and day comparison to the iPhone 4. The iPhone 5 does everything much faster. There is very little lag on the camera which is something  I took for granted in the past. The 4G LTE is a dream as I am constantly browsing the internet for news.

The New Headphones are both comfortable and they sound fantastic. I can definitely tell a boost in frequency response especially in the low end. The headphone port location makes it easier to slip in and out of your pocket.

I will Update this article periodically as I find new features and other things that I like and dislike. Look for a new iOS 6  review in next coming days as well.

Anyone Else have one? What you do you think?

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