iPhone 5: Five Ways to Protect It

A few lucky people will be unpacking the iPhone 5 in the very near future. While some will chance leaving their new iPhone naked , others are probably  going to seek some sort of protection. That’s why I have gathered a few options that I was able to dig up. These options range from serious protection to scratch protection.

Otter Box Defender Series cases: Serious Protection

I have owned a Defender Series case for my iPhone 4 and I can vouch for the protection. In the course of my ownership, I have dropped the phone numerous times without any incident. One time I even dropped the phone and tried to stop it with my foot only to unintentionally kick it across the room. They are tough enough that my friends and I have started a game: When someone is on their phone(protected with an Otter Box) in a place where we find it annoying, we will slap it out of their hands while simultaneously yelling “Otter Box!” I don’t recommend this sort of abuse, but I can say that my iPhone 4 survived many slaps. I can only Imagine Otter Box did a good job on the iPhone 5 version as well. What I really like about these cases is that they have  a built in screen protector.


Otter Box iPhone 5 Defender Series Case

Otter Box iPhone 5 Defender Series Case











Zazzle’s Custom iPhone 5 Case: Moderate Protection

Maybe you don’t need such serious protection and you would like something custom. If that’s the case(no pun intended), Head over to Zazzle.com and customize your own. These cases offer a fair amount of drop protection but it looks like you will need a screen protector in addition to protect the screen from scratching. There are also numerous designs available to choose from if you don’t feel like the custom option.

Custom iPhone 5 Case from Zazzle.com

predisgned iPhone 5 case from Zazzle.com











Belkin Grip Candy Sheer Case: Moderate Protection

I thought this case was pretty neat as the backside is semi transparent. A feature that some may appreciate as it shows off the Apple Styling . The Case does not appear to have a built in screen protector so that piece will have to be purchased separately.
Belkin Grip Candy iPhone 5 Case









Liquipel: Great for Water but You’ll Need Additional Drop Protection

 Liquipel is an awesome technology that waterproofs cellphones and other electronics with a special coating.  While Liquipel does not recommend dunking your treated phone in water, the demonstrations are pretty impressive. The website says the process will be available for iPhone 5 soon. currently the process cost from 60 and 90 bucks depending on shipping and protective needs.

Bodyguardz Screen Protection: Screen Protection Only

If you are one of those people who goes with the moderate options or you cant stand cases but want your screen to stay nice, take a look at bodyguardz. They have a number of different screen protectors that both protect the iPhone screen and reduce glare or increase privacy. One piece that I saw was interesting was their Pure Glass Screen Guardz which appears to be a sheet of glass. Check out the product Video.

Otter Box Armour: Super Serious Protection

If everything else here does not suite your needs you may need to wait around for the Otter Box Armour series case. While they have not released it yet, they have been working on it for a long time now and I would expect it should be coming soon. Check out this demo of them running over an iPhone 4s with a prototype Otter Box Armour on it. Looks like this case will be waterproof and shock proof.

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