iPhone 5: It’s Here but You’re Gonna Have to Wait

For those that were not following the blog, iPhone 5 pre-sale started yesterday and if your reading this article you are already too late. In just one hour all Pre-sale iPhone 5’s were depleted. Now you could be waiting weeks for your shiny new awesome upgrade. While it appears the networks and Apple are still taking pre order sales they are showing a shipment availability of two weeks. At the bottom of this screenshot from Apple’s website you can see what the expected shipment availability is. Hopefully it’s a good estimate.

iPhone 5 Preorder Page Screen Shot from Apple





















While I know its terribly mean to do this, Lets take a look at all of the awesome stuff you can’t have for at least two weeks.

New Design

Even if the iPhone 5 didn’t change a whole lot from the iPhone 4, you gotta admit that it is still sexy. I was told by a friend who has held one of these new device is amazingly thin and light. I imagine many people will be sold the minute they put it in their hands. I like the decision to go back to a metal back as I was constantly in a state of stress with my all glass iPhone 4.


Ah Those days of envying some Android Devices download speeds are over. I just know this is going to cost a lot of people a fortune in data usage. Great thing to have. I’m glad Apple figured out how to keep good battery life using the new chip.

Battery Life Improved

Despite the fact that they added so much more horsepower, Apple somehow managed to improve battery life. This is still not tested but I will definitely update when I get some good tested info.

A6 Processor

At this point not much is know about the actual specs of the A6 processor. All we know is what Apple told us. They are claiming 2x faster speed in processing and graphics. We will see how it actually stacks up when people start getting their hands on them. I do think it is interesting that they did not tell us wether or not it was a quad core or a dual core. speculation is claiming that it is ARM Cortex A15.

Display with Integrated Touch

Apple used new technology in the new iPhone that allowed the combination of the touch sensors and the Retina Display. My friend Told me that it changed the user experience a little bit. He said Now it feels like the icons are right on the surface. I am interested to check one out for myself.

New Headphones

It’s been a long time since Apple introduced the first earbuds and I’m glad they finally threw them out. I hope the new ones don’t hurt your ear near as bad after hours of use. Hopefully they sound a bit better too.

New Connector

This new feature I have mixed feeling about. Now I’ll need a special adapter to hook it up to the Bose stereo in my home which is a bummer. I do think the connector is a better design in that it probably wont be as fragile and it wont matter which way you plug it in since it will work both ways. I can’t seem to find any data transfer speeds or a cable on the apple side which mentions thunderbolt compatibility. I really hope it does as this could make uploading music “lighting” fast.(sorry for the pun)

Better Camera

A feature I am excited about is the better camera. While the megapixels have not changed much, the stabilization and low light capture have been upgraded. Hopefully this will allow for some much better low light photos.

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