Rumors We Didn’t See on iPhone 5

Now that iPhone 5 is out and the specs are all in. Some rumors came true and a large amount of rumors did not. While the iPhone 6 debut will most likely be another two years from now, I still like to fantasize about which of those rumors will show up on iPhone 6 or even the iPhone 5s. This is assuming Apple continues the current naming convention, but then again, why wouldn’t they when there is so much free advertising.

Waiting In Line for iPhone 5

Wireless Charging

I was really hoping for  a surprise on the iPhone 5 here. With some of the new competing phones coming out with wireless charging I was beginning to wonder if they knew something I didn’t. Turns out they didn’t but, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it on the iPhone 6 in addition to the new connector. The caveat is that it probably won’t play well with any existing standards.

 Liquid Metal Casing

We didn’t see any liquid metal features on this year’s release, but I’m betting now it will show up on the iPhone 6. The engineering was reported to be very difficult for the iPhone 5 and Liquid Metal could make it easier to jam more stuff into a small space while maintaining durability. Apple also renewed their exclusivity contract for two more years.

 Quad-Core Processor

While I was not expecting Apple to go with a quad core processor this time around as it would probably effect battery life too much, I do expect a quad core processor to show up on the iPhone 6. The 5S will probably jump in processing speed by like 30% or so. As this benchmark suggest, more cores is not always better. iPhone 5 beats out the Galaxy SIII despite having two fewer cores. We’ll see if these numbers hold up as more rigorous testing happens in months to come.

Curved Glass

This rumor could go either way, It really comes down to whether or not the design fanatics at Apple decide that it is more aesthetically pleasing.

Near Field Communication

This was another Rumor that many sources were convinced would show up. I think Apple released Passbook to test the waters in this pool. This could definitely show up on iPhone 6 and Apple definitely has the pull to standardize it.

Wireless Everything

There were also rumors that Apple will not only go to wireless charging, they would remove all hardwired connections. I think this concept would be cool and it will eventually be the way of the future. For now, wireless data transfer rates are too slow. In two years, this may be viable.

Service Independent Siri

Currently Siri is basically useless without service. I feel like Apple will fix this issue at least in part for iPhone 6 and maybe even iPhone 5s. At the very least, we should be able to control our music and have our texts read to us.

Fix Map Bugs

The new Maps App has had a number of blunders, but the biggest issue is walking and bus routes. If you want walking and bus routes you’ll be redirected to the App store to find a better Map app. I’m thinking this will be addressed for the iPhone 5S release or maybe even sooner.

Now that iPhone 5 is out the rumor community will be inevitably drumming up more outrageous rumors about future the future iPhone. I like the new hardware a lot but I’m hoping the next time around I will get a bit more wow. Something truly groundbreaking.

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