September 12 Confirmed!

While checking into the latest happenings of iPhone I was extremely delighted to see that the September 12 iPhone announcement is very likely. Apple will be holding an Event in San Francisco September 12. Now that we know the event  is in fact happening on September 12, There is a very good chance the iPhone 5 will be released on September 21.  Yes! In less than 20 days we can all potentially gaze into a brand new redesigned iPhone.  With increasing anticipation for the new iPhone and an expected first week sales of 10 million, let’s just hope we don’t have to wait months to get one. Interestingly, The Invitation sent to members of the invite list shows a 12 creating a shadow of a 5 with the heading title “It’s almost here.” A pretty strong indication that the next iPhone will in fact be 5.

At this point the rumored specs for the iPhone 5 have remained fairly consistent across all of the rumored sources. We know the new iPhone will have a bigger processor, a thinner form factor, most likely a smaller dock connector and a new look. One New rumor to come out over the past few days however is that Apple will be revamping the ear buds. While the new ear buds are not dramatically different they do look to be a little bit more comfortable.

While the iPhone 5 release is pretty certain, the iPad mini is still up in the air. At this point no one knows whether or not the iPad mini is fact or fiction. Lately the rumor mill has been claiming that iPad mini will be released separately from the iPhone 5 sometime in October. As of yet, The best guess as to what the iPad mini would be is a 7 to 8 inch iPad with performance specs similar to the iPad 2. The Idea is that the iPad mini would compete with smaller tablets on the market. I personally believe this move would bolster Apple’s Ebook sales.

For those waiting for iOS 6 release, the release date will most likely be announced on the 12th as well.  For those that haven’t checked out all of the awesome features of iOS 6  or any of the new Apple Tech I highly recommend checking out the WWDC footage on Apple’s website .

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