iPhone 6 Concept Design

While looking at the current trends in smartphone technology it has become apparent to me that there is somewhat of a dilemma on what screen size is best. Apple kept the screen narrow on the iPhone 5 so the phone could be operated easily with one hand. Other smartphone manufacturers have began to realize that people don’t care as much about one hand operation as much and that there is a preference for a larger screen.  Moreover, the trend I’m seeing is Tablets are getting smaller and phones are getting bigger. Eventually I’m guessing they will both converge into a single device. An iPhone Tablet so to speak. Since Apple needs something radical for the iPhone 6. I have taken it upon myself to design an iPhone 6 concept  that can give users the best of both worlds. Introducing the iFlip.

I know the design is somewhat basic, and I’m sure Apple would do a much better Job. This is merely a proof of concept. If Apple executed this well it could be very popular. The trick I see here is minimizing or eliminating the seam from where the back and front pieces come together. They would also need to make both halve’s close to half the thickness of a current iPhone model.

Any thoughts here? Would you want one or is this completely moronic? If your opinion is of the later, try to keep it constructive.


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