iPhone 6 Rumors Begin to Emerge

Less than a month following the iPhone 5 release the rumor engines are faithfully cranking away. This month the evidence is pointing toward  biometric scanners. The source of speculation comes from a recent filing at the patent office from Apple regarding biometrics.

While this particular patent is as broad as you would expect from any Apple patent, the focus seems to be more around a method of hiding a biometric scanner(or any sensor they feel like hiding)  through the use of Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals. This technology is something you may have seen before used in glass for the purposes of privacy.

So what does this tell us about Apple? Well for starters they are thinking about adding fingerprint scanners to their devices. Added security is good but it also may indicate that they plan to incorporate features that need better protection. Enter NFC. Speculation is pointing toward the idea that Apple is in fact considering NFC payment technology for iPhone 6 and I can’t think of any more secure way of paying electronically than fingerprint authentication. 9to5mac reports that Apple has assigned Microlatch, a fingerprint security company , to develop NFC tech.

An NFC payment method makes sense after the recent release of Passbook. Payments over NFC would be a logical upgrade to the current Passbook app. Apple could very well be taking small steps toward standardizing mobile payments.

The PDLC technology sounds like a really cool “WOW” feature as well. I have a feeling that desipite NFC, we will see some use of the technology because it is simply awsome. iPhone users have been waiting for Apple to push the envelope with something cutting edge and a fingerprint scanner hidden under privacy glass is just that.  The idea is so 007, and it aligns well with the Apple innovation stigma.

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