Can’t Get Enough iPhone? These Blogs Never Dissapoint

Whenever you find an iPhone rumor, chances are they originated from one of these blogs.  Many of the rumor updates on this site are a collection of rumors from any number of these sites.  In addition to rumors , each of these sites has a plethora of good Apple updates, How To’s,  and occasional good reads.  This Post is your guide to the best iPhone blogs that I have found through blogging. : Good Info and a Ton of Variety

As a follower of Macrumors on Twitter, I am generally amazed at the post frequency.  Even when the rumor mill is dry, Macrumors finds a way to post interesting iPhone related content.  I have seen posts on anything from the latest unauthorized hardware  to unique re purposing of old hardware. The whole staff seems to have a good sense of humor as well. : Accurate Rumors and a Good Place to learn

Over the past year or so I have come to find the Rumors that appear on iMore are very accurate.  Several times I saw statements from the Editor that were more authoritative than speculative while leaving the source unknown. I suspect iMore has some contacts in Apple and the supply chain.

I have also found iMore useful for training people on iPhone. iMore has a fantastic collection of guides that help answer those annoying questions  you receive from family members who don’t know Jack. Sometimes those guides make a good reference too. I have found the comparison chart on the iPhone page to be helpful many times. : Accurate Rumors and No BS News

I have found the Rumors to be very accurate on 9to5mac as well. The formatting at 9to5 mac is for lack of better words newsy. Most of the post on 9to5mac seem to have a news like unbiased reporting. I don’t particularly like the writing style but the rumors have been accurate and there doesn’t seem to be much fluff. : Quick with Rumors, Not Always Accurated

For the past year Digitimes has been quick to the punch with the new rumors. While most of them appeared to be accurate, I have found that many of the other bloggers don’t trust everything that comes out of digitimes. I haven’t had any reason not to trust them yet, but I have read that they have been wrong a lot in the past. : Dedicated to iPhone 6, Slow to update

Since this IS an iPhone 6 blog, I didn’t see how I could leave out an the current best iPhone 6 Blog . This site seems to stick strictly to iPhone 6 news. This is good if you are looking for iPhone 6 news, but true news doesn’t happen as often as most of us would like. Therefore, This site only updates once a week or so.


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