Design Concepts That iPhone 6 May Incorporate

For this post I thought I would take some time and look at some iPhone 6 concepts as well as some past iPhone 5 concepts that may still resurface in the upcoming iPhone 6 Release. Yes the iPhone 6 will be faster and probably thinner, but what we all want to know is what it will look like. These concept design may hold some clues.

iPhone 6 Concept By NAK Studio 

This design is the most prevalent when searching “iPhone 6 Concept” on Google. I have seen a few of these designs from NAK Studio and am always  impressed with the impressive amount of detail and realism. This concept is very thin and sleek. I especially like the way the buttons are designed to flow with the metal band.

Design Concept for iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Concept by NAK Studio 

iPhone 5G Concept from Nak Studio

This design is more promising for Apple’s next redesign than NAK Studio’s Iphone 6 Concept. There are a few elements in this design that are both familiar and different. The biggest thing here is the colors, Apple has yet to incorporate colors in their iPhones and I think it will be a definite possibility. The rounded edge design has been somewhat used on past iPods and may cross into the iPhone realm. the new Nokia Lumia 920’s have shown that round edges and colors can sell well.

Design Concept for 5G

iPhone 5G Concept From Nak Studio

iPhone 5 Concept by CiccaresDesign

This design is one of my personal favorites that I have come across. The design looks like it was largely inspired by the magic mouse. This design has promise as it looks very comfortable. As apple continues to push the boundaries of how thin a phone can be there will inevitably be roadblocks. Some devices inside the phone will reach their physical limits on thickness. With this design, those devices could be in the center of the phone.








iPhone 5 Concept by CiccaresDesign

 iPhone 6 Flip Phone From

While you’ve seen this design before on This still may be the future for the iPhone. As Mobile Screens get bigger and tablet screens get smaller they may merge into one device. As history repeats itself I can only guess that we’ll see a new wave of flip phones. I appologize that my design skills are not nearly on par as those from the other designers I have featured here.


Created By Joe Hoffman for

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