Forstall Fired: What it Means For iPhone 6 and iOS

Those of you who have been following Apple news for the past week have undoubtedly heard of the departure of Forstall from the Apple Team.  While the departure was met with a fair amount of jubilation from Apple employees, I have mixed feelings about it. Scott Forstall has had a part in every major piece of Apple software since the introduction of OS X. His contributions have been a huge part of Apple’s success. I can’t help but wonder if this will hurt Apple in the long run or if a change will help bring some new things to Apple’s software.  While I think it’s a somewhat scary step for Apple,  the new changes may spur some good innovation.

The only reason I am optimistic about the restructuring, is the choices in talent set to pick up the slack. Putting Jony Ive in charge of iOS design is an exciting and interesting change. A change that makes me  believe that iOS 7 could look entirely different. Ivy has proven that he is no slouch when bringing functionally beautiful devices to fruition. It will be exciting to see how he will design the software to mesh with the hardware.

In addition to Ivy’s appointment, Craig Federighi will not be handling both OS X and iOS . This move is also interesting as I think it shows Apple is trying to further unify the two platforms.  Eventually I have to imagine Ive will design for both IOS and OS X and, the two platforms are going to be very similar. As time progresses I think OS X will become more like iOS and vice-a-versa until there is just one Software that runs on both. In this respect, Microsoft may actually be ahead of the curve with Windows 8. Lately OS X has been incorporating a lot of features of iOS  and I don’t think that trend will stop any time soon.

So! now that I have rambled on about the premise! The prediction for iPhone 6 will be a revamped look in iOS 8, and I expect it to look very sexy. We may even get these changes as soon as iOS 7.

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