iPhone 6 Videos Starting to Emerge

While this is another well done concept video for an iPhone, it doesn’t seem like the conceptual brainstorming are going to forget about the transparent phone idea. I have already expressed my concerns with both the annoyance of having a transparent phone and the relative impossibility of engineering it (at this point), but it’s still fun to see these commercials. The addition of the fingerprint scanning is a nice touch that may actually be possible in future iPhones as Apple already has some patents awarded that address hiding bio metric scanners.

The other thing in this video that’s a bit far fetched is the holographic looking projection that occurs  in the video after the word “Aware”.  I like the idea, but like lightsabers, this one is a pipe dream for the time being.


For those that haven’t seen the similar iPhone 5 concept commercial I have added this here as well. You can read about my comments about this commercial at http://iphone6.org/2012/08/iphone-5-concept-commercial/.


And another one that I really like  has the same holographic concept incorporated. I do really want this phone…

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