Leap Motion: A new Interface possibility for iPhone 6

A few weeks ago I received an email from a friend who is apparently very aware of my tech addiction.  The contents of this email pointed me to a an awesome product (some speculation) from Leap Motion. I had no choice but to pre-order one and the anticipation is killing me. Admittedly , this is more exciting for me  than for some as I spend a little bit of time in 3D realms making stuff. Regardless of my purpose, I am excited to see how developers can use the technology to enhance our lives.


As you can see from the contents of the video. This is basically a super sophisticated 3D mouse.  I am most suprised to see how accurate and responsive the device appears to be. If you haven’t watched the video you should do that now.

So why is this on an iPhone 6 rumor site? Besides the fact that it is awesome, I have to wonder if this tech will show up in future iOS devices. Adding a third dimension to interactivity could give the iPhone the “Wow” we’ve all be waiting for.

Looking Beyond iOS devices; If apple ever put this type of technology on an Apple branded TV, I think they would have a monster hit. Imagine Voice control and remote-less interactivity.

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