iPhone 5 Lackluster Sales Could Create an Awesome iPhone 6









While the iPhone 5 is still selling well and Apple is seeing good numbers with the introduction in China. In The US, the iPhone 5 didn’t make waves like past iPhone models. On opening day, the lines weren’t nearly as bad. A recent Forbes Article Suggest that iPhone 5 sales will be missing their mark. So what happened to the iPhone momentum? The iPhone 5 is an impressive piece of hardware that is thin, light and boast superior speed. I for one Love my iPhone 5. The Problem; I’m not “In Love” with my iPhone 5. I’m guessing a lot of consumers are feeling the same way. So how can Apple make us fall in love again?  Well the answer is two part.

Introduce a Mind Blowing Hardware Change

It’s clear that Apple can make devices lighter, faster, and thinner. The question is, what else? Will we ever see one of the crazy patents that Apple has filed over the past few years. Will Apple ever take on some of the cool concepts from rumor sites such as projectors or finger print scanners. The first iPhone was crazy innovative with the introduction of accelerometers and capacitive touch displays that can handle multi touch. We’re all waiting for another phone innovation that hasn’t been done. We all hope Apple will put something out that gives us one more level of interaction. The iPhone 6 could very well define a new standard.

Change iOS substantially

This is the real elephant in the room. The single largest complaint I have seen across all of the forums I have visited is iOS is getting Dull. iOS works fantastically and it is a great operating system but it hasn’t changed much as far as design since the first iPhone. Sure we’ve gotten new features that are very nice, but holding a new iPhone 5 doesn’t give the user an experience that feels new. It Feels like an iPhone. Notice I didn’t say which one. Fortunately, Apple seems to be taking some steps towards correcting course with the new appointment of Jony Ive to iOS design. I feel like we may see something new as soon as the iPhone 5S.

Whatever happens, it’s clear that Apple can’t maintain their margins on their current offering. Either the product has to change, or their going to have to sell more of it at lower prices. Given that Walmart is selling the iPhone 5 at $127 it looks like Apple is starting to understand this fact too. Time will tell if Apple will change the iPhone enough to make us fall in love again, or pursue another market entirely. I’m kind of hoping for both.

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