iPhone 6: Big Screens and Colors

New rumors floating around the internet are suggesting that the next iPhone iterations will not only have a bigger screen but will also have colors to choose from. It appears as though the rumor mill doesn’t have as much to go by these days so we’re reverting back to the same speculations we’ve heard and seen before. As time goes on though, these things eventually have to happen. Don’t they?

The Case For Colors (No Pun Intended)

Alright, so maybe this one might actually happen. So far we’ve seen every other hand held Apple device with colors except two. the iPod Classic and the iPhone. It’s clear that Apple no longer cares about doing any more R&D on the iPod classic. Therefore, I don’t expect to see the iPod classic to ever become available in colors. The Colored iPhone on the other hand will probably happen someday. The colored iPod touch just became available in the last major release. It stands to reason, that Apple may go ahead and start offering colored versions of the iPhone soon as well. The cost to anodize an iPhone pink or blue isn’t really much of a cost adder when the phone is already being anodized snow and slate. I am not so sure this would happen right away though.  Apple may opt to keep their flagship device more serious. At this point the iPhone is selling well enough that even a little cost is unjustified. I wouldn’t really expect to see colors on an iPhone until sales really start to suffer. If you absolutely must have a colored iPhone, go check out Anostyle.com

Anostyle Color Anodized iPhone from Anostyle.com

The Case for A Bigger Screen

At this point Apple has done an amazing job keeping cost low and offering only one iPhone model. This may not last forever, and Apple is probably already starting to look into even larger screen sizes. I would not be surprised if Apple’s future product offering included two devices: One for those that want a huge screen and One for those that want to operate their phone more easily with one hand. For the time being, Apple will most likely opt to keep production cost low and ride on the iPhone popularity. This means they will most likely make the screen slightly larger with a bit higher resolution and that’s it.

To sum up, I don’t think either of these rumors will pan out in the near future. Eventually, we will probably start to see these options from Apple. While the iPhone still sells great, Apple will continue to keep their cost down wherever possible. So there you have it. Early Predictions: No colors and a small change in iPhone screen size for iPhone 6.


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