iPhone Stuff to Help Survive the Apocalypse

Alright, I know this site is an iPhone 6 rumors site, but who cares about the iPhone 6 when their might no be an Apple tomorrow. As impending doom may be upon us, I found some survivalist type stuff to help out.

Protect Your Lifeline

In an apocalypse, you may have to do a bunch of running and jumping. These activities could put your iPhone in danger. I recommend protecting it with the Otterbox Defender series case. You can get one directly from their website: www.Otterbox.com

Otter Box iPhone 5 Defender Series Case











Portable Juice

As the end of the world comes, so may electricity. That’s why you would want this guy. This thing can cook you a meal and charge your phone.  http://biolitestove.com/



Biolite Camp stove












Communication with a trusted group may be key to survival. Plan your missions with this handy walkie-talkie App. Voxer. Yeah, I know networks may go down. But this could work in theory on an adhoc network.


If the grid goes down you may want to get a better GPS. One that won’t rely on networks. Check out the line of Garmin Apps. They store maps on your phone so the network is not needed. This one is specially good for hiking : Garmin Basecamp Mobile.


Many of us watch those survival shows on discovery channel, but not many of us remember it all. Fortunately there’s an App for that.  This App has all kinds of useful info like what to eat and how to make shelter. SurviveIt!

I could go on for days with this, but these should get you started. Good Luck Comrades!

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