What to Expect From Apple in 2013

With the new year quickly approaching, many of us are wondering how Apple will excite us in 2013.  Yeah we’ll see a phone and probably an iPad, but what features will the have? Here are some educated guesses based on the past and current rumors.

iPhone 5S

I know many rumors are saying Apple will skip their current product cycle and jump right to the iPhone 6.  Hey! I kind of hope this happens as this makes my website current and I don’t have to stay up late some nights hoping an iPhone 6 will ever come to fruition. On this rumor, I don’t think it will happen. iPhone 5’s are selling well enough and I don’t think the threat of Samsung can hurt Apple’s momentum too much at this point. Samsung’s threat is certainly not enough to justify funding a major overhaul so soon.

iOS 7

While Apple may not be  funding any major hardware changes, you can bet they are funding a major update to iOS.  Scott Forstall got canned last year and Jony Ivy took the thrown as the lead iOS designer. If you like the way Apple hardware looks, this is probably a good thing. Expect a new look for iOS with some unexpected features.

iPad Mini Retina 

All reviews I’ve heard this year concerning the iPad mini have been great with the exception of one thing. Why doesn’t it have a retina display? I’ll tell you why! Apple is waiting for next year to release a retina mini so you have to go buy a new one. If you are in the market and have some patience , I would hold off until next year.

iTV (or whatever) 

Apple has been testing the television market for a while with fairly good success. It’s likely that the next big thing for televisions is a TV with full Android OS or iOS support. Once developers have the ability to start selling apps on the television, home entertainment could get a whole lot more interesting. The Added benefit is Google and Apple could possibly bully the television networks into being less greedy. Death to the cable box. As an aside, I found this comic to be awesome: The Oatmeal: “The State of the Web”.

Alright! That’s it for the the ramblings on what Apple could do. Hopefully they don’t disappoint.

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