Comic: iPhone 5S To Get Colors

Any body that has been watching the rumor mill on iPhones will tell you that nobody really knows anything at this point. The biggest rumor that any one can come up with is that the iPhone 5s will release sometime this year with the same look and a little better performance. Yippie! This rumor sounds a little familiar doesn’t it? At this point consumers don’t need a rumor site to tell them that. They get it. First a new design, then small improvements on it the following year. There’s a pattern here! The only rumor that is of interest lately is whether or not the next iPhone will have colors. OK, I’m a little interested, but is it enough to make me want to upgrade? I say heck no!

iPhone 5S color comic

Unless the new iPhone 5S has a great performance upgrade, I don’t think colors would persuade me to drop the extra cash needed to get one mid contract.  Even with a fresh contract, I would probably just wait around until the newly designed iPhone 6.  As I mentioned before however, changing the color wouldn’t cost too much. A small cost to change the color and boost sales might be worth it for Apple. This is of course is if they also add the usual updates of boosting the performance. Then again, I’m sure it was a shock to automobile manufacturers to find people would buy cars based on cup holders and colors rather than horsepower.

An interesting thought that’s been going through my head has been this: What if Apple uses colors to sell the lower cost plastic iPhone? Then consumers may think “Yeah it’s plastic, but I can get it in my favorite color!” This is going back to the horsepower analogy I mentioned earlier. Maybe, if the phone is available in colors, a lot of people won’t care if it is of lower quality build. With Android offerings being relatively limited in terms of color, this may just be the edge Apple would need to compete in the lower priced smartphone realm and more importantly Chinese markets.



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