New iPhone Stuff at CES!

Well it’s about that time a year when gaggles of techies gather in a single location to check out the hottest new tech. As a tech nerd, I’ve been following all the sweet iPhone gadgets and I though I would pass along some of what I’ve found.

Otterbox Armour Series Case

We’ve talked about this case before on this site and I was beginning to wonder if it was ever going to come to fruition. while this case doesn’t look quite as snazzy as the previous prototypes it is still an impressive case none-the-less. Otterbox claimes this case is waterproof, dustproof, drop resistant, and can withstand two tons of crushing force.











Lego Case!

This case brings out the inner child nerd in all of us. who wouldn’t want to build a Lego empire on the back of their phone? The only problem I see with this is that it’s probably not a good idea to smash your creations when done.












ZAGG Caliber Advantage GamePad Case

Alright, I’m not a huge gamer on my phone, but this thing is pretty cool. This case turns your iPhone into a handheld game console that would make the PSP blush. Definitely one of the best functional cases I have seen.

For now that’s All. But CES is still rolling and I’m sure there will be more to come. Check back to see the latest updates.

Lego Mindstorms now Available for iOS

More Lego stuff! Now you have the ability to use mind storms with and iPad or an iPhone. There is a special place in my heart for the mind storm family.


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