Watch Out Rolex! Here Comes Apple

While checking out the latest news sources I came across this headline from CNN Money:” Will an Apple watch replace the iPhone?”  Nice question, but not a chance.  The more interesting question is “Will Apple start making watches?” Now this is a logical progression! Apple makes devices that work well together, they don’t phase them out! Why would they? Their a hardware company. If they can get you to buy a watch and a phone then they will do just that! And based on the recent success of Kickstarter project, Pebble, Apple may very well be thinking about it.

As far as the iPhone replacement argument. Not gonna happen. While people have a need for browsing the net, a watch sized screen won’t satisfy it. Unless Apple pulls the impossible off and creates some sort of whacky projection screen that is somehow really easy to use, then a watch would just be a supplemental device.

My guess is Apple will create a new addition to their iPod product line that will play very nicely with the iPhone. The previous iPod nano was already being worn as a watch by many, it stands to reason that Apple would put two and two together and just make an iPod watch that can interface well with your iPhone. It’s actually kind of surprising it hasn’t already happened. Your iPod watch could display text messages , show the time, and play music over Bluetooth headphones. I wish I could get one of these. Expect Apple to pay Pebble for some rights in the near future. I’m betting it will happen.

There’s another interesting question here. “Why stop with watches?” There hasn’t been any mention on Apple’s augmented reality glasses, but they have to be looking into it. The first company to do this well stands to make oodles of cash. Complete awareness of your surroundings sounds awesome! Google needs to quit slouching and figure this out quick. Then again, I’m not sure I want “Ads by Google” in my peripheral vision at all times.



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