Another Great Way To Interface With An Apple TV

In a previous article, I mentioned that an Apple TV sporting iOS and apps would need a good way for the operator to interface with the system.  Well! Apple needs to look no further! The technology exists now, and it’s pretty exciting.  Now by wearing an armband, we can interface with devices in ways that can open doors to a whole new level of interactivity. I just hope it works as well as the video demonstration.


An interesting thought occurred to me while watching this video. What if they could incorporate this technology into the wrist band of a watch? The only drawback I see with this device is people will most likely not want to wear it at all times. Which means, you are dependent on finding the wrist band and putting it on before you can interface with anything.  A watch could fix that. People are ok with wearing a watch at all times, which means interactivity with their devices is accessible at all times. At this point it looks like MYO is dependent on sensing the electrical pulses in the upper wrist, but I have to imaging they can refine the technique enough to move it down to something wearable and closer to the wrist.

Obviously this tech is so new that it probably won’t find it’s way into devices for at least another year, but what if Apple licenses it for inclusion into their rumored watch? Then their ecosystem would be bullet proof. A watch that interfaces with your phone, Your TV, and Mac? Can’t get any better than that! Pebble, if you’re listening, Go call up MYO and work together on this.

The fact that the new myo is Bluetooth low energy is also exciting from a developer standpoint. This means the iPhone can communicate with the device without the need for a MiFi developer program and developers will be able to create apps for it. This might be leveraged to control third party devices using MYO with the iOS device as a gateway. While MYO has not released a developer program yet, it appears as though it will happen sometime in the near future. Unfortunately this also means we probably won’t see this device on shelves for a long time.





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