How A MakerBot Can Accessorize Your iPhone

Looking at the rumor mill for the past month has been disappointing to say the least. Now the guesses are that Apple will release three versions of the iPhone: A budget plastic version, the normal version, and a larger screen version.  Still a bunch of rumors until we see it. The only exciting thing here is we might get an iPhone with a bit larger screen. Since the rumor mill is so boring right now I thought I would take a bit of time to make everyone aware of the fabulous new things going on in the 3D printer realm. This stuff is awesome!

3D Printers

Now days you can get yourself a kit to build yourself a 3D printer for around $600 bucks or you can buy one outright from anywhere between $1200 to $2500 for the consumer level versions. If you haven’t already heard about them listen up! It’s the way of the future! Soon you’ll be able to just print plastic goods that are needed. As of now, there is already a huge open source library of plastic parts that you can download and print at will. So Here’s some good 3D printer options:

MakerBot: Easy at a bit more cost

This Bot is pretty much the industry standard right now. It costs around $2200 at the time of this writing. The metal construction makes it rigid. This helps with quicker more accurate printing due to stability.


MakerBot Replicator 2








Afinia H-Series: A bit cheaper but less build space too

If you’re looking to save a few bucks, here is another viable option. A bit cheaper but you’ll have to sacrifice build size as well.

Afinia H-Series 3D printer











Printerbot: Cheap but not for the faint of heart

The last and my favorite option right now is the Printerbot. This option is a DIY kit that you purchase and assemble yourself. You Also have the option of buying on assembled for a bit more cost. There are several Printerbot models too choose from with varying pricing and build sizes.

PrinterBot Plus








The Stuff You Can Make!

Well, the sky is limit here. but head over to thingiverse and check out the thousands of stuff that people designed. I’ll highlight a few things created for the iPhone here.

Acoustic iPhone speaker stand

Thingiverse: Acoustic iPhone Speaker Stand









iPhone Tripod 

iPhone Tripod Mount









iPhone Dash Mount

iPhone dashmount









I think at this point you get the idea! The 3D printing revolution is upon us and it’s awesome! I can only imagine how this may someday jump start a new industry and bolster an age of creativity. It’s becoming easier than ever to transform thoughts into reality and 3D printers give us one more efficient and easy way of doing it. Learn some 3D CAD software now, it will be essential someday.

What do you think? Like the bot? Have a better one than mentioned here? Let us know about it!

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