iPhone Rumor Summary

Alright everybody, after a few week hiatus we’re back with a bit more rumors and news than usual. With the WWDC 2013 quickly approaching the rumors are starting to heat up. Everyone one is curious what Jony Ivy will do with his new position as all things design zen master.  Investors want to know what new tricks Apple has up their sleeves to make us all fall in love again. Unfortunately nothing is known about the future of Apple, but here’s the latest speculation.

iPhone 5S Won’t Be Ground Breaking

I am sorry to say that the new iPhone 5S probably won’t look and feel any different. With a locked-in two year contract on the iPhone 5, do we really want a jealously inspiring device?  Expect some performance upgrades and maybe an even better camera. The best rumor I’ve seen regarding looks is the possibility of colors.

A new “Cheaper” iPhone

There has been a lot of talk about Apple creating a new lower cost iPhone to compete better in the Chinese market. Expect this lower price model to have the same specs as the iPhone 5 but with a plastic case and a non-retina display. I also would not be surprised if this this new iPhone was not available for purchase in the US. Apple doesn’t have any problems selling the iPhone in the US, and their high end quality sets them apart from the offerings of Android.

 iOS 7 Will Have Flat UI…..In Part

iPhone users are desperately waiting for a much needed refresh on the design of iOS.  The wallstreet journal reports that Jony Ive is pushing for a Flat Design. While the changes are expected to be conservative, we may see some new styling. Hopefully the styling is less conservative than more.

New Product: iWatch

An interesting Rumor floating around is there may be a chance Apple will be releasing an iWatch. Given the recent popularity of the Pebble, A kickstarter bluetooth watch project,  we now know there is a market for it. Who better to make a watch that interfaces with the iPhone than the makers of the iPhone. I would be interested to see what kind of design Ivy could kick up here. Hopefully, if this rumor comes to fruition, it would have a better wrist strap than the Pebble does.


As an Amateur App Developer, I desperately want to be able to make apps for my TV.  Jonny Evans from computer world postulates that it might make sense for Apple to release an SDK for the Apple TV before releasing a full on iTV. This would maintain the secrecy as to whether or not Apple will actually release a TV.  What he didn’t mention is how this would be strategically good for an iTV release. By opening the Apple TV SDK to developers before hand , Apple can release the iTV and boast the thousands of Apps they already have. I still maintain that Apple will need a better way to interface with the TV if this is the case. I couldn’t imagine playing angry birds with that Apple TV remote.

Well that’s it for the latest rumors! Got anything you would like to add? let us know! We’re open for debate.

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