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Alright Everyone! It’s almost that exciting time of the year when Apple releases new products and lets all of us developers in on the new happenings for the next iOS release. As you may already know, This iOS release is rumored to be more exciting than ever. Jony Ivy took over for iOS design and we think that can only mean one thing: iOS design is going to change! Finally! Here’s what else were expecting this WWDC and from the future iPhone.

An Unveiling of a Lower Cost iPhone 5

Hey, It wouldn’t take too much for Apple to change the case of an iPhone and doing so might help them sell more units globally. With Android gaining ground in adoption, a cheaper phone may be in order to regain some of that ground. Plus, We’re already seeing leaks of the new cheaper iPhone case. I don’t expect an iPhone 5S to be released until fall, but it might be possible to see the new lower cost iPhone with the same specs as the 5.

iPhone case Leak taken from blog.tactus.com

iPhone case Leak taken from blog.tactus.com










iOS 7 Partially Flat UI

With sharp screens fonts look absolutely gorgeous, consequently web design as well as mobile design has moved to a more flat design.  iOS 7 may take on a partially flat design as well. Given Jony Ivy’s less is more mantra, I expect the UI to be simplified as well.

Better Siri

Apple is continually increasing the capabilities of Siri, So this one is a no brainer. Siri will be able to do more. Whether or not Siri becomes useful enough that we’ll actually use it, I can’t say. I’ve said it before, Developers could find better uses for Siri. Apple needs to open up an API for developers to interface with Siri.

Better Maps

The maps app is still new, and you can bet there is something Apple can do to make the experience better. I don’t believe the search will be less buggy, but that takes years of data collection and complaints.

Movement Tracking

 The new Samsung phones have this feature and it can be done with the existing cameras using special algorithms. For this reason, I think there’s a good chance the Apple may implement some similar feature.  If not Eye tracking then maybe some type of motion gesture tracking.

 Quick Access To Modes

This issue has been griped about so long it would almost be surprising if this was not included.  Expect quick access for turning on and off airplane mode, WIFI, and other similar features.

 A New Weather App

Last revision of iOS focused on removing dependency on Google. Next on the chopping block will probably be the Yahoo dependent weather app.  Yahoo even released their own weather app recently. Forward thinking? maybe.

Linkedin Integration 

Now that the iPhone has integration for both Twitter and Facebook, there’s a good chance they’ll take on the largest business network as well.

Well that’s it for this months predictions. The Rumors we’ll start heating up as WWDC gets closer and so will our updates.

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