Watch Out Rolex! Here Comes Apple

While checking out the latest news sources I came across this headline from CNN Money:” Will an Apple watch replace the iPhone?”  Nice question, but not a chance.  The more interesting question is “Will Apple start making watches?” Now this is a logical progression! Apple makes devices that work well together, they don’t phase them out! Why would they? Their a hardware company. If they can get you to buy a watch and a phone then they will do just that! And based on the recent success of Kickstarter project, Pebble, Apple may very well be thinking about it.

As far as the iPhone replacement argument. Not gonna happen. While people have a need for browsing the net, a watch sized screen won’t satisfy it. Unless Apple pulls the impossible off and creates some sort of whacky projection screen that is somehow really easy to use, then a watch would just be a supplemental device.

My guess is Apple will create a new addition to their iPod product line that will play very nicely with the iPhone. The previous iPod nano was already being worn as a watch by many, it stands to reason that Apple would put two and two together and just make an iPod watch that can interface well with your iPhone. It’s actually kind of surprising it hasn’t already happened. Your iPod watch could display text messages , show the time, and play music over Bluetooth headphones. I wish I could get one of these. Expect Apple to pay Pebble for some rights in the near future. I’m betting it will happen.

There’s another interesting question here. “Why stop with watches?” There hasn’t been any mention on Apple’s augmented reality glasses, but they have to be looking into it. The first company to do this well stands to make oodles of cash. Complete awareness of your surroundings sounds awesome! Google needs to quit slouching and figure this out quick. Then again, I’m not sure I want “Ads by Google” in my peripheral vision at all times.




What to Expect From Apple in 2013

With the new year quickly approaching, many of us are wondering how Apple will excite us in 2013.  Yeah we’ll see a phone and probably an iPad, but what features will the have? Here are some educated guesses based on the past and current rumors.

iPhone 5S

I know many rumors are saying Apple will skip their current product cycle and jump right to the iPhone 6.  Hey! I kind of hope this happens as this makes my website current and I don’t have to stay up late some nights hoping an iPhone 6 will ever come to fruition. On this rumor, I don’t think it will happen. iPhone 5’s are selling well enough and I don’t think the threat of Samsung can hurt Apple’s momentum too much at this point. Samsung’s threat is certainly not enough to justify funding a major overhaul so soon.

iOS 7

While Apple may not be  funding any major hardware changes, you can bet they are funding a major update to iOS.  Scott Forstall got canned last year and Jony Ivy took the thrown as the lead iOS designer. If you like the way Apple hardware looks, this is probably a good thing. Expect a new look for iOS with some unexpected features.

iPad Mini Retina 

All reviews I’ve heard this year concerning the iPad mini have been great with the exception of one thing. Why doesn’t it have a retina display? I’ll tell you why! Apple is waiting for next year to release a retina mini so you have to go buy a new one. If you are in the market and have some patience , I would hold off until next year.

iTV (or whatever) 

Apple has been testing the television market for a while with fairly good success. It’s likely that the next big thing for televisions is a TV with full Android OS or iOS support. Once developers have the ability to start selling apps on the television, home entertainment could get a whole lot more interesting. The Added benefit is Google and Apple could possibly bully the television networks into being less greedy. Death to the cable box. As an aside, I found this comic to be awesome: The Oatmeal: “The State of the Web”.

Alright! That’s it for the the ramblings on what Apple could do. Hopefully they don’t disappoint.


iPhone Stuff to Help Survive the Apocalypse

Alright, I know this site is an iPhone 6 rumors site, but who cares about the iPhone 6 when their might no be an Apple tomorrow. As impending doom may be upon us, I found some survivalist type stuff to help out.

Protect Your Lifeline

In an apocalypse, you may have to do a bunch of running and jumping. These activities could put your iPhone in danger. I recommend protecting it with the Otterbox Defender series case. You can get one directly from their website:

Otter Box iPhone 5 Defender Series Case











Portable Juice

As the end of the world comes, so may electricity. That’s why you would want this guy. This thing can cook you a meal and charge your phone.



Biolite Camp stove












Communication with a trusted group may be key to survival. Plan your missions with this handy walkie-talkie App. Voxer. Yeah, I know networks may go down. But this could work in theory on an adhoc network.


If the grid goes down you may want to get a better GPS. One that won’t rely on networks. Check out the line of Garmin Apps. They store maps on your phone so the network is not needed. This one is specially good for hiking : Garmin Basecamp Mobile.


Many of us watch those survival shows on discovery channel, but not many of us remember it all. Fortunately there’s an App for that.  This App has all kinds of useful info like what to eat and how to make shelter. SurviveIt!

I could go on for days with this, but these should get you started. Good Luck Comrades!










While the iPhone 5 is still selling well and Apple is seeing good numbers with the introduction in China. In The US, the iPhone 5 didn’t make waves like past iPhone models. On opening day, the lines weren’t nearly as bad. A recent Forbes Article Suggest that iPhone 5 sales will be missing their mark. So what happened to the iPhone momentum? The iPhone 5 is an impressive piece of hardware that is thin, light and boast superior speed. I for one Love my iPhone 5. The Problem; I’m not “In Love” with my iPhone 5. I’m guessing a lot of consumers are feeling the same way. So how can Apple make us fall in love again?  Well the answer is two part.

Introduce a Mind Blowing Hardware Change

It’s clear that Apple can make devices lighter, faster, and thinner. The question is, what else? Will we ever see one of the crazy patents that Apple has filed over the past few years. Will Apple ever take on some of the cool concepts from rumor sites such as projectors or finger print scanners. The first iPhone was crazy innovative with the introduction of accelerometers and capacitive touch displays that can handle multi touch. We’re all waiting for another phone innovation that hasn’t been done. We all hope Apple will put something out that gives us one more level of interaction. The iPhone 6 could very well define a new standard.

Change iOS substantially

This is the real elephant in the room. The single largest complaint I have seen across all of the forums I have visited is iOS is getting Dull. iOS works fantastically and it is a great operating system but it hasn’t changed much as far as design since the first iPhone. Sure we’ve gotten new features that are very nice, but holding a new iPhone 5 doesn’t give the user an experience that feels new. It Feels like an iPhone. Notice I didn’t say which one. Fortunately, Apple seems to be taking some steps towards correcting course with the new appointment of Jony Ive to iOS design. I feel like we may see something new as soon as the iPhone 5S.

Whatever happens, it’s clear that Apple can’t maintain their margins on their current offering. Either the product has to change, or their going to have to sell more of it at lower prices. Given that Walmart is selling the iPhone 5 at $127 it looks like Apple is starting to understand this fact too. Time will tell if Apple will change the iPhone enough to make us fall in love again, or pursue another market entirely. I’m kind of hoping for both.


iPhone 6: Big Screens and Colors

New rumors floating around the internet are suggesting that the next iPhone iterations will not only have a bigger screen but will also have colors to choose from. It appears as though the rumor mill doesn’t have as much to go by these days so we’re reverting back to the same speculations we’ve heard and seen before. As time goes on though, these things eventually have to happen. Don’t they?

The Case For Colors (No Pun Intended)

Alright, so maybe this one might actually happen. So far we’ve seen every other hand held Apple device with colors except two. the iPod Classic and the iPhone. It’s clear that Apple no longer cares about doing any more R&D on the iPod classic. Therefore, I don’t expect to see the iPod classic to ever become available in colors. The Colored iPhone on the other hand will probably happen someday. The colored iPod touch just became available in the last major release. It stands to reason, that Apple may go ahead and start offering colored versions of the iPhone soon as well. The cost to anodize an iPhone pink or blue isn’t really much of a cost adder when the phone is already being anodized snow and slate. I am not so sure this would happen right away though.  Apple may opt to keep their flagship device more serious. At this point the iPhone is selling well enough that even a little cost is unjustified. I wouldn’t really expect to see colors on an iPhone until sales really start to suffer. If you absolutely must have a colored iPhone, go check out

Anostyle Color Anodized iPhone from

The Case for A Bigger Screen

At this point Apple has done an amazing job keeping cost low and offering only one iPhone model. This may not last forever, and Apple is probably already starting to look into even larger screen sizes. I would not be surprised if Apple’s future product offering included two devices: One for those that want a huge screen and One for those that want to operate their phone more easily with one hand. For the time being, Apple will most likely opt to keep production cost low and ride on the iPhone popularity. This means they will most likely make the screen slightly larger with a bit higher resolution and that’s it.

To sum up, I don’t think either of these rumors will pan out in the near future. Eventually, we will probably start to see these options from Apple. While the iPhone still sells great, Apple will continue to keep their cost down wherever possible. So there you have it. Early Predictions: No colors and a small change in iPhone screen size for iPhone 6.



iPhone 6 Rumors Still Frozen but 5S is Thawing

At this point any rumors surrounding the iPhone 6 are just educated guesses based on what we’ve seen and what hasn’t happened on the iPhone 5.  Naturally, since the iPhone 5S is the next rumored smartphone from Apple, the rumors are more plenteous for this coming year’s release.  Here’s a rundown of what we’ve seen and what to expect.

Rumor: iPhone coming to T-Mobile

The T-Mobile vs iPhone saga goes on! While this rumor has been out since the creation of the first iPhone , it now appears there may be some truth to it. I never expected Apple to budge and start creating HSPA+ supported devices and doesn’t look like they are going to need to. T-Mobile is apparently working on 4G LTE support. If this is true, the iPhone could be on T-Mobile in the not too distant future.  Maybe next week?  WebProNews thinks it could happen ->

Rumor: iPhone 5S will be here in the first quarter of 2013

Normally I scoff at such rumors as it doesn’t make sense in terms of Apple’s release cycle. Lately, I’m beginning to wonder. The iPad was released much earlier than we thought, so maybe the iPhone 5S will show up early too. Samsung has been doing very well with a shorter release time period. It may be possible that Apple releases devices more often to be more competitive. If this is the case, I hope they wouldn’t sacrifice the quality to get the quantity. I still don’t think this rumor is likely and the reason lies with iOS. Every year their are changes to iOS. Given the new restructuring at Apple and elimination of Scott Forstall, I imagine they’ll need the full year to overcome these setbacks. Read more about this rumor here :,2817,2411999,00.asp

 Prediction: iPhone 6 will “Wow” us and iOS 7 will too

Looking at all of the rumors and reviews, it’s apparent that the public is looking for something groundbreaking. The iPhone 5 is fantastic but it was predictable: ligther, faster, and thinner.  I think the consumers are waiting for some of these crazy rumors and Apple patents we’ve seen come to fruition.  I think we’ll definitely see some new functionality that will surprise us.

In addition to some crazy new hardware, I also think that iOS 7 will have a new look and feel.  Apple put the hardware design guy in charge of iOS design! This move is strategic, and it will definitely change the user experience. This new experience could come as soon as next year.

So there you have it. Some rumors and some speculations. Expect better rumors as the year rolls on.


iPhone 6 Videos Starting to Emerge

While this is another well done concept video for an iPhone, it doesn’t seem like the conceptual brainstorming are going to forget about the transparent phone idea. I have already expressed my concerns with both the annoyance of having a transparent phone and the relative impossibility of engineering it (at this point), but it’s still fun to see these commercials. The addition of the fingerprint scanning is a nice touch that may actually be possible in future iPhones as Apple already has some patents awarded that address hiding bio metric scanners.

The other thing in this video that’s a bit far fetched is the holographic looking projection that occurs  in the video after the word “Aware”.  I like the idea, but like lightsabers, this one is a pipe dream for the time being.


For those that haven’t seen the similar iPhone 5 concept commercial I have added this here as well. You can read about my comments about this commercial at


And another one that I really like  has the same holographic concept incorporated. I do really want this phone…


Design Concepts That iPhone 6 May Incorporate

For this post I thought I would take some time and look at some iPhone 6 concepts as well as some past iPhone 5 concepts that may still resurface in the upcoming iPhone 6 Release. Yes the iPhone 6 will be faster and probably thinner, but what we all want to know is what it will look like. These concept design may hold some clues.

iPhone 6 Concept By NAK Studio 

This design is the most prevalent when searching “iPhone 6 Concept” on Google. I have seen a few of these designs from NAK Studio and am always  impressed with the impressive amount of detail and realism. This concept is very thin and sleek. I especially like the way the buttons are designed to flow with the metal band.

Design Concept for iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Concept by NAK Studio 

iPhone 5G Concept from Nak Studio

This design is more promising for Apple’s next redesign than NAK Studio’s Iphone 6 Concept. There are a few elements in this design that are both familiar and different. The biggest thing here is the colors, Apple has yet to incorporate colors in their iPhones and I think it will be a definite possibility. The rounded edge design has been somewhat used on past iPods and may cross into the iPhone realm. the new Nokia Lumia 920’s have shown that round edges and colors can sell well.

Design Concept for 5G

iPhone 5G Concept From Nak Studio

iPhone 5 Concept by CiccaresDesign

This design is one of my personal favorites that I have come across. The design looks like it was largely inspired by the magic mouse. This design has promise as it looks very comfortable. As apple continues to push the boundaries of how thin a phone can be there will inevitably be roadblocks. Some devices inside the phone will reach their physical limits on thickness. With this design, those devices could be in the center of the phone.








iPhone 5 Concept by CiccaresDesign

 iPhone 6 Flip Phone From

While you’ve seen this design before on This still may be the future for the iPhone. As Mobile Screens get bigger and tablet screens get smaller they may merge into one device. As history repeats itself I can only guess that we’ll see a new wave of flip phones. I appologize that my design skills are not nearly on par as those from the other designers I have featured here.


Created By Joe Hoffman for


Cool Things To Do with Your Old iPhone

Since the release of the iPhone 5 there really hasn’t been any rumors regarding iPhone 6. The best rumor I can provide is that Apple may release iPhone 5S a bit early. I am seriously doubtful, but it could happen. I can’t let the content stop if the rumors have. The show must go on! Here’s some fun and good things to do with your old iPhones.

Hook it up to your car stereo and leave it

I know many of you have already thought of this, but I figured it was worth mentioning for one reason. That reason is WiFi. I think it is awesome that I can park my car in the garage and make changes to the music library via iTunes over wireless. Another cool thing is the GPS still works. Mount the iPod on the dash and buy the Garmin app and you have a music player with navigation.  Garmin doesn’t require cell phone service. Proclipusa has some good dash mounts for a variety of vehicles. Check out their video.

Get a stand for it and make it your Skype station

who needs a webcam when you got a spare iPhone? The benefit of this is you don’t have to sacrifice some of that sweet sweet real estate on your computer monitor. I found a sweet stand that tracks your movements so you can move around. I think it would be sweet for making video instructions where your hands are busy.  The device is called Swivl.

Turn it into an oscilliscope

I know this option is sorta pricy, but for the features you get, it’s much cheaper than the next best thing.  The iMSO-104 from OSCIUM looks useful for pros and amateurs alike.

Sell it on Ebay

Ok, selling your old phone looks like an obvious choice. I only mention this specifically because I would only sell on Craigslist or Ebay.  Sure there are services out there that will buy your phone, but why pay the middle man?  As an added bonus, if you can jailbreak/unlock your phone before selling you can get an extra premium.

Give it to charity

I was surprised with all of the ways charities can use an old cell phone. From selling them and sending the proceeds to a charity of your choice to supporting the troops. here’s a bit dated but good article on huffington post on the subject.

Buy an Arduino and breakout cable and experiment

I like this option the best as I have a love affair with Arduino. Makezine makes an approved cable that allows serial communication from the Arduino to the iPhone. I can only hope they have an 8 pin version on the horizon.  The linked article also has a project to get you started.

Hopefully I have given you some good ideas on how to re-purpose your old iPhone. Let me what you have done with your old iPhone or let me know what you have seen others do.


Can’t Get Enough iPhone? These Blogs Never Dissapoint

Whenever you find an iPhone rumor, chances are they originated from one of these blogs.  Many of the rumor updates on this site are a collection of rumors from any number of these sites.  In addition to rumors , each of these sites has a plethora of good Apple updates, How To’s,  and occasional good reads.  This Post is your guide to the best iPhone blogs that I have found through blogging. : Good Info and a Ton of Variety

As a follower of Macrumors on Twitter, I am generally amazed at the post frequency.  Even when the rumor mill is dry, Macrumors finds a way to post interesting iPhone related content.  I have seen posts on anything from the latest unauthorized hardware  to unique re purposing of old hardware. The whole staff seems to have a good sense of humor as well. : Accurate Rumors and a Good Place to learn

Over the past year or so I have come to find the Rumors that appear on iMore are very accurate.  Several times I saw statements from the Editor that were more authoritative than speculative while leaving the source unknown. I suspect iMore has some contacts in Apple and the supply chain.

I have also found iMore useful for training people on iPhone. iMore has a fantastic collection of guides that help answer those annoying questions  you receive from family members who don’t know Jack. Sometimes those guides make a good reference too. I have found the comparison chart on the iPhone page to be helpful many times. : Accurate Rumors and No BS News

I have found the Rumors to be very accurate on 9to5mac as well. The formatting at 9to5 mac is for lack of better words newsy. Most of the post on 9to5mac seem to have a news like unbiased reporting. I don’t particularly like the writing style but the rumors have been accurate and there doesn’t seem to be much fluff. : Quick with Rumors, Not Always Accurated

For the past year Digitimes has been quick to the punch with the new rumors. While most of them appeared to be accurate, I have found that many of the other bloggers don’t trust everything that comes out of digitimes. I haven’t had any reason not to trust them yet, but I have read that they have been wrong a lot in the past. : Dedicated to iPhone 6, Slow to update

Since this IS an iPhone 6 blog, I didn’t see how I could leave out an the current best iPhone 6 Blog . This site seems to stick strictly to iPhone 6 news. This is good if you are looking for iPhone 6 news, but true news doesn’t happen as often as most of us would like. Therefore, This site only updates once a week or so.